On the 5th March 2011, Freddie Garcha was tragically murdered in a mugging in Colombia, while on his travels. His death left family, friends and a whole community totally devastated. Freddie was a very special boy, with a loveable manner and a cheeky grin. He was troublesome in the right ways and made us all laugh like no one else could. He lived his life 100 miles an hour and he certainly knew how to have a good time. Gerk, as he was known to some, continues to be remembered with a big smile.

Freddie was and still is the man. He was the glue that held our friendship group together and ironically he still is. Every Saturday when the players run out with his face on the badge he keeps us all going in the way only he knew how. Fred was no stranger to a night out and was known for his mad drunk antics so it seems rather fitting that we are able to honour him in that way too by getting together after the game and doing it ‘Fred’ style.

He was a massively keen footballer who hated losing (so much so that he was not abject to the odd bid of cheating). Reminiscent of a young Kolo Toure, he was an athletic Centre Half, who fancied his abilities on the ball and loved a tackle but ultimately believed in playing football the right way. Fred was a die hard Gooner and always, no matter what, believed that his team, whether it was Arsenal or Southgate Olympic, were going to win on the day. When not suffering from injury, Fred would always compete for every ball and run his heart out, which is something we pride ourselves in at the OGs (as well as tikka takka passing and movement).

Fred played  a very good level of football as a youth, he represented the title winning youth section of Southgate Olympic and Alexandra Park, both of whom play in the Southern Amateur League, so it is only fitting that we followed suit. He also represented his school and sixth form, Fortismere and Wood House respectively and all three XI’s are flooded with people that played with him over the years.

Old Garchonians Football Club is our way of creating a legacy that keeps Freddie’s memory burning bright. Fred would be proud of what we’ve done so far and as he loved nothing more than being the centre of attention let’s hope that he’s smiling down on all the OGs and their winning ways!

OG x