In Loving Memory of Frederick Otto Edward Garcha 11/02/89 – 05/03/11

Welcome to the Old Garchonians Football Club Website…

Formed in 2011, Old Garchonians are a football club based in North London. Built as a tribute for a dear friend and member of the community.

“The club was formed by Freddie Garcha’s friends and family. Its principles are built on the premise that, though it is primarily a tribute to Freddie, it also has to match the ambition and competitive spirit of those who would form the club and Fred himself.” – The F.A.

The Club’s 2011-2012 season consisted of friendlies which were to be assessed by the Southern Amateur League. During that season the club expanded to having a 2nd XI and, at the season close we formed a 3rd XI, who play in the S.A.L. Senior, Intermediate and Junior leagues respectively.

During that season the 1st XI also contested the AFA Intermediate and AFA Intermediate Essex & Middlesex Cups, winning both at the first attempt, in what was a great first season.

We hope to continue this success in the cup across all 3 XIs, and are also striving for league wins and promotions.

OG x