Morning boys,

Good luck to all those playing today, gutted that the 1s game is called off.

Also, we have a bit of an issue. We have to return the league trophy that we won last year in the next week or so and right now we don’t know exactly where it is…¬†Adam Blair¬†definitely brought it to our awards night at the Old Dairy but from then on we’re not too sure what happened. A few of us went out afterwards (without the trophy) so if anyone by any chance has it or can remember¬†seeing it at any point during the night then please let me know. We know that the Old Dairy don’t have it. Obviously, if it turns out we have lost a 100+ year old trophy then it’s a bit of a disaster.

Failing this we are going have to launch a find our trophy campaign! Three year old club who have 3 teams unbeaten and one in a cup final lose 100 year old trophy. The Evening Standard will love it…



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